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National Portfolio Day was pretty sweet.

I got psycho analyzed by an admissions counselor from School of Museum and Fine Arts in Boston. She told me I was a perfectionist and then gave me the idea to do a series or something (a portrait a day)…

And then I got screwed over by School of Visual Arts @ NYC… waited 45 minutes, they talked to everyone for 10 minutes between 2 councelors and only talked to my friend and I for 3 minutes each…. and didn’t even give us good criticism or shit.

and then talked to Alberta college of art + Design- Calgary. She was the only one to like a specific piece of mine and said I’d be good at character design. So that was cool!!

Oh and judging looks from all the stupid hipsters there because I draw my shit on 11x81/2 sketch book papers and not huge canvases… 

my first portfolio day= success!!

My name is Krista I'm 19 from the northwest. And I never know what to put here because I over think things...

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